Perspective is Key

Opportunities are everywhere. Whether you are receptive to them depends on your mindset. To illustrate, examine you are in a mindset where you perceive everything to be working against you and going “wrong”. In this mentality, you will attract “wrong” experiences or events into your life – in other words a self-fulfilling prophesy that is […]

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Goodbye to Regrets

Imagine someone sits in front of you and asks you to pick one card out of a possible ten. Which card you pick determines the path you take. However, there is no way of knowing what the outcome will be, so you trust your instinct and go with what you feel at that moment is […]

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A Blossoming Flower

I have always wanted to write and share my experience, but something kept holding me back from having the courage to write. I did not know what it was, but now I know. Sharing your experience is such a personal revelation: you have to be willing to be raw and completely open; you cannot hide […]

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